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H745ZI-Q, NoST-Link detected

I have an H745ZI-Q board. I use it only with default settings. I have connected and programmed it on three different computers for learning purposes. At some point, the board stopped connecting to the computer. In STM32CubeProgrammer, the Serial Numb...

Resolved! Firmware

Hi, i have build up  Normal mode program For CAN on  board (stm32f103c8t6) setup. It is showing that data is transmitting but when I tested on board there no DataCan you tell me what is the problem??

Connect STM32L476RG with Nucleo-GFX01M2

Hallo zusammen,Ich bin noch Anfänger auf dem ganzen hier,Ich habe folgendes Problem: Ich habe ein STM32L476RG Board und möchte nun das Nucleo-GFX01M2 Display in betrieb nehmen, ich habe alle nötigen Programme heruntergeladen(ST-Link, CubeIDE, CubePrg...

Dallle by Associate
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STLINK-V3MODS Edge Connector Pin 30

Hi, thereI'm trying to integrate the STLINK-V3MODS with my STM32H745 based project.The STM32H745 MCU is powered by an external 3V3 output regulator.The STLINK-V3MODS board has the following edge pin:Which is described in the manual as an "Input for S...

sammissh by Associate
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Resolved! NUCLEO-H743ZI RTC/LSE accuracy error

I'm trying to implement a RTC using the LSE crystal of Nucleo-h743zi board (Rev.B model). In addition, I want to backup the timestamp in case of power loss. Following the reference and user manuals, I finally have my RTC worked, using RTC backup regi...

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