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[DEV_CONNECT_ERR] When trying to connect to a STM32H747-DISCO


HI there, 

I own a couple of STM32H747-DISC0 boards for a year. I been using them without issues debugging but when started a new project, I do not know what went wrong that cannot access to any core from any ST tool (CubeIDE or CubeProgrammer).

No matter what kind of access I try (Normal/Hotplug/Under Reset) nor reset mode I use, I always have same message "Error: ST-LINK error (DEV_CONNECT_ERROR). I always access using SWD

After removing the LCD panel, I tried also to shortcut R192 (BOOT0) to perform a external bootloader, with same result.. (BTW ST, maybe this thing should be in a jumper...)

However I am able to perform a FW upgrade of the ST-Link device, which I think means is alive.

I tried also MacOS (usually I use windows).

Does someone have a hint?
Thanks in advance.