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STM32F1-Error debugger

 I run into this problem every time I debug. No matter what I did I couldn't fix it. Even though I selected Debug configuration>Debugger>ST-LINK(OPENOCD) and Reset mode>software system reset it still works. I made a chip earese from the ST-LINK UTILI...

Hg.1 by Associate
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stlink v3 mini overheat.

I have a stlink v3 mini and it gets very hot only when connecting to the usb port without connecting anything to the debbuger terminals, even so I connect it to the card to program and program without problems, but after a few minutes, it sends conne...

JMora.5 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32G030F6 OSC_EN

Hello,I am using STM32G030F6, use HSE, but when I set the system clock, PA14 change to OSC_IN but while PA15 change to OSC_EN, and I can't find any specification of this definition, can I use it as OSC_OUT?

Qwang.2 by Associate II
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