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Resolved! LSE clock is off by 5% on Nucleo-L4R5ZI

Hi, I made a minimum CubeIDE project for a Nucleo-L4R5ZI. It clocks the RTC from LSE using the X2 quartz (NX3215SA-32.768kHz-EXS00A-MU00525) and outputs a 512Hz calibration signal on PC13. The output frequency is only ~492Hz which is a deviation of ~...

SFahr by Associate III
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Error: failed to erase memory

Hello thereI was trying to debug my stm32h750 with an stlink-v3 mini. I'm currently working with an external flash as my code area. The bootloader and external loader worked before, but suddenly I can't load code on my external flash. Does anyone kno...

SRebe.1 by Associate
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ST-link driver

I have stm32F407 discovery board and I have downloaded and installed the ST_LINK USB driver on my laptop running window 10, but when I plug in the discovery board, the error message pops up saying the USB driver is not recognized, in the device manag...

0693W00000NrxeXQAR.png 0693W00000Nrxf1QAB.png
lzhan.21 by Associate II
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Reset of the controller

Very new to ST and struggling to understand the basics. As posted in previous posts i am using the STSPIN3201 motor controller, i am trying to write the basic LED toggling program. From STSPIN32F0 data sheet i found the micro used is STM32F031C6. I c...

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JDesi.1 by Associate II
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STM32F407VET6 heats up

Hello!Yesterday I was using somesensor with the STM32, and today I realized that the STM32 and the voltage regulator heats up. Also my two alternative STlink connects and disconnects from the USB. I uploaded an empty project, but it still the same. U...

SGonz.2 by Associate II
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