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Why do newer STLINK V2/ISOL display a lower voltage than older ones?' Why does new hardware look different and works different

We have already received 2 deliveries of STLINK V2/ISOL from well-known suppliers, which display a lower voltage and also partly do not work with our products.Unfortunately, we have not yet received an answer from support and currently do not know ho...

TDamm.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! No ST-LINK detected

When I try to debug the standard led toggle example I get the No ST-LINK detected message,Board: STM32H7A3ZIT6QHost: Windows 11IDE: STM32CubeIDE 1.10.1When I open Device Manager and connect the board to USB there is not one extra device detected. I a...

Bob Louwe by Associate II
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Why my MCU is not detected

In the picture:pin 1 top left: VDD 3.3V 4 100n to GRND 14 to GRND 15 to VDD 16 to GRNDon their left 1µ and 10n F decoupling VDDA VSSApin 32 top right : VSS 0V GRNDpin 31 10K ohm to GRND 24 SWD clk 23 SWD dio 17 to GRN...

remi2 by Associate II
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Resolved! VCAP in hardware design

I have got a custom PCB using STM32F4. I don't have any capacitor connected to the VCAP Pin and I wonder if this is necessary or not. Which is the use of VCAP and do I need to add it to my design? What can I do to solve my problem of no having one if...

DElec.1 by Associate II
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