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Advice to "merge" two software on CubeIDE

Hi everyone,

I work on STWINBX1 board (that includes many sensors). I already designed (from cubeIDE) a software that read sensor's values and store them in a MicroSD card. A lot of code was generate by CubeMX for this software. The others part was coded by myself.


I now need to use the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to let a possibility for the user to configure the board (frequency of sampling, space between samples...). To design the bluetooth-part of my software, I saw this repositories on github.

I downloaded it and began to use it for discovering BLE features.


I now have a design problem, and dont know how to resolve it.

- On one side, I have my initial software (generated by CubeMX and coded by myself) that read and stores values of sensors (humidity, accelleration, temperature...).

- On the other hands (on another cubeIDE project) I have a ST demo project about BLE, and how to use the board as a server.

What I am supposed to do if I want to "merge" these two huge piece of code ? The bluetooth part seems smaller, so I was wondering if I can copy this part into the first project that read and stores values. But there is a bunch of .c / .h, and thats look confusing to do. There is also a very large file with assembly code (about 75 000 lines), which is really a black box for me. 

I feel like I have to do this "by hands", but maybe there is some important information that I missed.

Thanks a lot for your advice for this gneral question


There's no automated solution to do this for you, especially not with complicated projects. Copying files from one project over to the other and managing conflicts and fixing problems as they arise seems like the only way.

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Maybe its even simpler if I recode the server-part of the BLE on my initial project (instead of copying all files one by one, adapting Makefile, PIN and others... Because there is also some assembly code that I dont understand in the BLE demo of ST).

The documentation was straightforward for using sensors and store values on STWINBX-1, but for BLE, its more unclear.