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Compatibility with custom made Power Driver Board?!!


Hey everyone,

I'm currently enrolled in Electronics and Power Engineering major, and I'm super excited about my project to create a PMSM Motor Driver, which I'd utilize STM32 PMSM FOC SDK with the ST MC Workbench. I'll be interfacing the STM32F446 as the controller with a custom-made inverter (Power Driver).

Right now, I'm in the research phase to figure out the best Power Board components and parameters for my application. However, I've run into a little bump - when I open ST MC Workbench, it asks me to choose from defined power drivers. I actually want to use my own custom power driver that I'll build. Can anyone provide guidance on how I can use a custom power driver board with the ST MC Workbench? Also, are there any tips I should consider when choosing the components to work best with my STM board and/or ST MC Workbench?

I'd really appreciate any help or advice you can offer.