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Can workbench 6.1.0 update the ioc file without deleting user added changes?

Associate III

The V5 motor control workbench had an "UPDATE" button to update the ioc without losing user added changes. The current V6.1.0 workbench doesn't have the update button and always generates a new ioc file, losing all of my additions that took an hour to add. How can I update the ioc file in the workbench while still keeping the changes I added in cubeMX?

From another post -

"Project is initially generated by the MC workbench.

IOC is loaded with cubeMX

User add other peripherals, (SPI, additional GPIOs etc...) and save the customized IOC

User wants to update the Motor control parameters inside his customized IOC.

If he applies generate, he will loose his IOC.

the Update button will modify only the MotorControl IP inside the IOC."

This no longer works in workbench V6.1.0

Any ideas?


Associate II

I have the same question too! It is a quiet a big problem for me.

Associate III

I raised a support ticket for this and was told the update button was removed and the workaround is to create a second application with the same settings, update that one and then manually copy all the differences back to your original application! Cannot believe this! This must be the biggest brush-off ever, there's no way to guarantee all the required changes are copied, some of the header files in the project aren't in the project folders, but hidden in some driver or CMSIS folder in a STM hidden folder so there's no chance of getting right. I've tried 3 times and have given up. ST's software team really need to get their act together and try using or testing their software from an end-user perspective, not just an engineer's. It ***** big-time.


Hello everyone.

Is there any advance in this question? Currently, I have the same problem. I am using the MC Workbench 6.2.0

As mentioned here (link), it is possible to open the generated .ioc with the MC Workbench, change the parameters, and generate the project without losing the user modification in .ioc file.