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Motor Profiler stuck at 28%


[VERSION]: 6.2.1
[TOOL]: Motor Profiler in Motor Pilot V1.2.5
[DETAILS]:Motor Profiler gets stuck while profiling at "Profiling % 28".
Hardware used is the inverter-board B-G431B-ESC1.
[EXPECTED BEHAVIOR]: I expect the motor profiler to either finish the process or abort with an error so that I can fix any existing issues.
[HOW TO REPRODUCE]: Motor is soldered to the inverter-board, power supply connected and set up to deliver the correct voltage and enough current (12V, 30A). Motor Profiler is started and connects successfully. The required motor parameters are entered accordingly. The profiling is started. At 7%, the motor twitches once, and at 21% the motor hums for half a second. Maximum observed current is around 2.5A until then. Then the process gets stuck at 28% until the notification pops up that the measurement takes too long. The board pulls standby current.


Also tried with MCSDK 6.3.0 and Motor Pilot V1.2.9.
Issue still persists identically.

Gael A
ST Employee

Hello DMeie.2,

Have you tried playing with the Max Current and Max Speed values, reducing them for instance, to allow a clean start-up ? Profiling may need to tinker those values a bit. This will lead to incorrect Max Current and Max Speed values in the json file at the end, but those can be easily modified directly in the file and all other values will be correct.

If you have trouble nonetheless, you can try to make your motor run in Open Loop mode first, to see if currents are correctly generated. The Open Loop mode description can be found in the MCSDK User Manual.
You can then define a correct speed ramp for your motor that you would then apply to your Profiler project and profile it again with those new values.

If you agree with my answer, please consider accepting it by clicking on 'Accept as solution'.

Hope this will help,
Gaël A.

I tried various different combinations of the Max Current and Max Speed settings, however none of those lead to a change of the issue.

I'll see if I have time to try the open loop method with the ESC module
Nontheless, I think it instead of just hanging, the Motor Profiler should report an error.