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trying to import one project to cubeide 1.5

Project imported: D:\Vrund\STM32CubeExpansion_SBSFU_V2.4.0\Projects\STM32F413H-Discovery\Applications\1_ImageIssue faced:15:42:35 **** Build of configuration Debug for project STM32F413H_DISCOVERY_1_Image_SECoreBin ****make all Building file: D:/Vrun...

vrund by Associate II
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Resolved! LIN Bus example on any family of STM32 MCU's

Hello. For my automotive project I need to imitate motorcycle handlebar that uses LINbus for buttons many buttons. Since I can't always take handle off motorcycle I need to make emulator of it.This is Typical frame, and I mapped all bits of this burs...

Linas L by Senior II
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G070 programming issue?

Hi,Have a code that modifies the option bytes on G0 micro which seems bricks the IC from further programming attempts aka device locks itself.Did anyone face a similar issue with G070? What are the solutions to make the programming process robust and...

sg1 by Associate
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Modification in SBSFU

I have signature of my user app and user app in .bin format.if i have to use only these two inputs, what modification i need to do in SBSFU? and under what files?i dont want to use post built .bat and prebuilt.bat.i am using Single slot image example...

vrund by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32L562 sbsfu queries

Hello,I want to use sbsfu for STM32L562 controller with STM32Cube IDE version 1.5.AS per primary research i am using below package and project .I am using STM32SecuWS package.Under that project I am using is STM32SecuWS\TFM\STM32Cube_FW_L5_V1.3.0\Pr...

vrund by Associate II
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Resolved! Port fails on __IS_SFU_RESERVED()

Hi,I've been trying to port the STM32H753 SBSFU project to the STM32H735G-DK.The bootloader fails in SFU_BOOT_Init due to failing SE_Init().This is the result of __IS_SFU_RESERVED() failing it's test: 0x08008A00 < 0x08008061 < 0x0801FFFF (SB_REGION_R...

Arno1 by Senior
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Resolved! How to use RNG on STM32H743ZI2?

I would like to use the RNG of the H743ZI2. The provided example works, but on a new project I can't get it work, The CPU clock is configured to 400MHz just like in the example./* RNG Initialization */   if (HAL_RNG_DeInit(&hrng) != HAL_OK) { /* ...

MLang.7 by Associate III
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