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Resolved! Are there any working examples using the CRC for MODBUS RTU? I cannot get a reasonable result out if the CRC device on the STM32L443

According to Wikipedia The MODBUS uses the CRC-16-ANSI also known as CRC-16-IBM. ​The normal hexadecimal algebraic polynomial being 8005 and reversed A001Initial value: 65,535.​Example of frame in hexadecimal: 01 04 02 FF FF B8 80(CRC-16-ANSI calcul...

KiptonM by Lead
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SBSFU - STM32H755 Optimization Problem

I'm working on a project with SBSFU implemented on STM32H755. I'm using slot 1 for CM7 and slot 2 for CM4. I'm using the IAR workbench. Both CM4 and CM7 hex files work just fine in debug mode and everything seems to work with SBSFU implementation. Bu...

YChen.16 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32F07x CRC-16 MODBUS HAL Configuration

Posted on January 27, 2017 at 08:25 I am trying to use the hardware peripheral on the STM32F072 to calculate a 16-bit CRC for a modbus RTU application. The hardware peripheral offers twice the speed compared to my software implementation. I am...

abotha by Associate III
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