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Resetting an STM32H755 with secure area

I am building a secure bootloader on the STM32H755, but I've bricked a couple of boards now trying to get the secure areas working.I intended to use a "recovery" function on a button press to do a mass erase with protection removal. Then I can test e...

gpeh by Associate II
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Resolved! configuration of the Tamper pins

Hi all,One small doubt on the tamper configuration, is it possible to configure both active and Passive tamper in the Same project/API, or  both should be in different project/API. why this doubt is as Seed is not required for Passive tamper, so does...

meghasb by Associate III
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Regenerating OEMiRoT_Data.obk

Hi,While using the STM32Cube_FW_H5_V1.1.1 repository to explore secure boot on the STM32H5, I saw that the configuration file to generate OEMiRoT_Data.obk is missing. As I want to use my own keys and certificates for the OEMiRoT example application, ...

RDP of STM32G0B1xB/xC/xE

Hello .According to the reference manual, the default RDP level is set to level 1. However, after performing a full erase with ST-Link and then writing the hex file, the RDP level was found to be set to 0.I would like to set the RDP level to 1 at the...

aki49 by Associate
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TPM maximum NV storage size

Hello As in the title, for my project I'd like to know exactly what is the maximum storage capability/size of the device NV memory.The TPM used is ST33TPHF2XI2C.I wasn't able to find anything in ST documentation (datasheet, application notes).Waiting...

AES in STM32F423

Hello  for allIn last days i was begin to implementation AES to work on stm32f423I am using example in NIST Special Publication 800-38A to take key-128 bit, input data that plain text , encryption and decryption data.but nothing seems to work , when ...

mick by Associate II
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OEMiROT example flash protect sector problem

hello, I'm run a STM32H573DK in OEMiROT example.but following errors occured.[INF] TAMPER Activated[INF] BANK 1 secure flash [0, 15] : OB [0, 14][ERR] Unexpected value for secure flash protection so, I find why occurred this error.  In the ob_flash_p...

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Choppa by Associate II
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