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Leggere il contenuto di STM32F215ZET6

Salve gente. Come consulente ho ricevuto l'incarico di riutilizzare una certa quantità di una scheda giochi che contiene come processore ausiliario il STM32F215ZET6 che sovrintende gli I/O della scheda per il Soc che contiene un ARM e la gestione gra...

BBoux.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F207 RNG Interrupt

Hello,I'm having trouble getting the interrupt for the RNG on the STM32F207 to trigger. Below is a code snippet of what I'm doing;.void generate_rnd_num(uint32_t *rnd_num) { RNG_HandleTypeDef rng_handler; rng_handler.Instance = RNG // Point t...

Anvi by Associate III
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Hello,I'm having trouble using the RNG peripheral on the STM32F207.I'm using the HAL functions to set things up and I keep getting back the same number. I've made sure to enable the RNG Clock. See the steps below:Enabled RNG CLK: __RNG_CLK_ENABLE()En...

Anvi by Associate III
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Resolved! Cryptographic Acceleration STM32F207

Hello,The reference manual for the STM32F207 states that the F20x and F21x family has a cryptographic processor: Ref Manual - Page 508. The datasheet for the F207 doesn't state any support for that though. Is this a mistake in the reference manual?Th...

Anvi by Associate III
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Resolved! CRC calculation using srec_cat

I am using STM32F207. The project that im working on will later on will be used by a bootloader. I am, therefore, trying to add crc information in the hex file so that bootloader will be able to validate its correctness.I am using srec_cat to calcula...

Ashei.8 by Associate II
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Hi ,I am coding for STM32F207 for first time so I do not understand Why is STM32F207 processor loading 16 bit thumb instruction where as the Function pointer is 32-bit . is this ((void (*)(void))g_ulTransferAddress)() wrong ? As per our Project requi...

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Stm32 linux crypto question not start @ main

Posted on January 17, 2017 at 10:18Hi , i am new to linux,i am using crypto 3.0 package and stm32F205xx andencounter several problem :i write my own makefile and linker script (mostly copy from guthub)I use stlink-texane and gdb to debug, here are s...

FLast.11 by Associate III
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sha-1 problem with stm32 crypto lib

Posted on June 14, 2015 at 15:15Hi,I'm developing on the stm32f207 with the M3_CryptoFW_RngHW_2_0_6.libI would like to use the sha-1 from lib but from some reason I do not get the correct result.Here is my test...My input buffer is 8 bytes: 1,2,3,4,...

ari_v2 by Senior
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