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Resolved! what does the polynomial become when crc8

Greetings. I ran into a problem, I can’t figure out how to become a polynomial if I use not 32 binary mode but in 8 bit mode. MCU STM32F072x8/xBif I use a 32-bit setting, I get the correct data and can process it on a PC, but with 8 bits it doesn’t w...

RSolo.1 by Associate II
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How to calc CRC16 for Modbus?

My controller is STM32L462. I need to compute CRC16 for Modbus application. There is CRC initialization function:void MX_CRC_Init_CRC16(void) { hcrc.Instance = CRC; hcrc.Init.DefaultPolynomialUse = DEFAULT_POLYNOMIAL_DISABLE; hcrc.Init.DefaultI...

sdianoff by Associate II
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STM32L series first write to EEPROM fails

I have an STM32L073CZ that I'm having an occasional error with. I'm using the HAL libraries to program EEPROM and a number of our MCUs are seeing errors where they fail to write the first word. After that it'll start working correctly and everything ...

DPast.1 by Associate II
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