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Secure boot on STM32F405 & STM32F407

I see the listing of all variants of STM32F405 & STM32F407 shows secure boot as one of the security functions. But I haven't been able to find any documentation for the same.It would be helpful if someone can point me to the relevant documentation.  

Basavesh by Associate
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Why STMCU firewall can improve the security level?

I'm curious about the firewall, and want to know why firewall can improve the security level. It's easy to understand page 65 of UM2262, f1(), f2(), f3() can only be called from outside through call gate, my question is why it's more secure than call...

HXiao.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! secure firmware update using USART

Hi everyone,I'm working in a Medical devices company and we use currently plenty of STM32s (F0,F1,F4, maybe soon H7). Until now, we didn't bother that much the cybersecurity topic for the firmwares but now the norms are forcing us :D.I checked a bit ...

TKopp.67 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F413H SBSFU

Hello,I am working on integrating SBSFU with the STM32F4 controller. The target controller is F429.I am trying to build an example project. It is a single image slot project which is developed for STM32F413H. I build the SE_Corebin project first and ...

ADani by Associate III
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How to read protect the code on F407VG

I thought this would be simple, open up the STMCubeProgrammer, connect to the programmed device, select RDP, select BB read protection (CC means the MCU can never be reprogrammed so no user-done code updates!!) and then Apply!But no, the board screen...

Robmar by Senior III
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Firmware download via Y-Modem crashes with the following error when selected in UserApp example project "!!Error during file download!!".

Hello guys I hope you can help me with my problem regarding my adaptation of sbsfu.I'm currently adapting the stm32f413h-discovery example project on a stm32429zi. Everything works fine with one mayor exeption. I have difficulty downloading a new fir...

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