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Is it possible to set the option bytes in my firmware?

Hello everyone,I must start a production of PCBA which use the MCU STM32G474QET6 and I need to protect my firmware, I want to set the read protection at Level 1. Is it possible to set that option byte in the firmware when I flash the firmware?Thanks....

AAles.5 by Associate
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STM32 Pmbus Crc Integration

Hi i have a STM32G474. I want to build a pmbus on that.  The stm has a default CRC32 module.In pmbus for the pec calculation crc8 is using. Can i change my default crc32 module to crc8 for the usage on pmbus?

gunccc by Associate II
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Enquiry on STM32G4

Looking for the MCU specs with the following key requirements:              - 24 IO : 8 input, 8 outpt, 8 x LEDs              - secure boot features              - hardware reset - backline support – CAN Bus communication at 5VCan STM32G...

WRITE_REG macro not working

I'm currently trying to use the CRC peripheral on an STM32G474, and when running HAL_CRC_Calculate(), the computed checksum is always zero. Doing some debugging into the HAL_CRC_Init() function, I've found that when the WRITE_REG macro is called, no...

0693W00000WI9NhQAL.png 0693W00000WI9PEQA1.png
DPard.2 by Associate
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Why STM32G484QETx is getting locked ?

STM32G484QETx is getting locked because of wrong configuration in secure boot and secure firmware update. Kindly suggest me the right configuration along with code and examples. I am attaching a pdf for your reference.

Tshad.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Issue with CRC32 module on STM32G483

Hi,I'm computing CRC32 with 04C11DB7 polynomial with different methods : through python binascii.crc32(...), on the following website " ", and with ST embedded module on STM32G483.On basic strings such as "012345...

EPHIL.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! SBSFU 1 image example for STM32G474

Hi I want to ask that In SBSFU example for STM32G474 in user app application Firmware update is done using ymodem protocol i.e. UART can we used SPI protocol instead of this is this possible to use SPI or there is any limitation????? Please suggest

p123 by Associate II
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