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Recommended CPU Frequency for SBSFU ??

SBSFU involved signing verification and encryption/decryption related activities.Also crypto processing is required to implement SBSFU solutions.So, what is the recommended CPU Clock frequency to implement SBSFU solutions ??

SPati.7 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32L08x RNG and DMA not accessible

RNG, CRC, and DMA are all peripherals on the STM32L08x AHB bus. If I try to write to CRC_INIT before enabling CRC clock in RCC then STM32-WorkBench Memory window correctly just shows zeroes. But after enabling CRC clock in RCC_AHBENR and writing to C...

MWebj by Associate III
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Resolved! [STM32L081xx] __HAL_RCC_AES_CLK_ENABLE missing

Hi all,I generated code in STM32CubeMX for STM32L081CBTx controller with AES enabled.I built the generated code (without modification) in STM32CubeIDE, but it failed with warning:../Core/Src/stm32l0xx_hal_msp.c: In function 'HAL_CRYP_MspInit': ../Cor...

ISzik.1 by Associate
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RNG_CLK Configuration

Hello I want to generate random numbers as using registers, not the libraries.I read the RM0090 and wrote the code at the attachment. But I could not configure the RNG_CLK.So I want to know how to configure RNG_CLK.[IAR Embedded Workbench]

Cevdet by Associate III
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