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Add a binary header and a sbsfu segment to an elf file

I have a problem with merge SBSFU .elf file and application .elf.I prepared:SBSFU.elf - addresses in linker script: 0x08000000 - 0x08020000application.elf - 0x08020400 - 0x081FFFFFheader.bin - size: 1024BSo I suppose, that like in SBSFU example heade...

MButk.1 by Associate
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Resolved! How to integrate SBSFU in STM32U585 series

Hello support team,Have a Nice day.I am working on STM32U585ZIT6 Controller and investigating SBSFU for firmware upgrading.I list our specifications for a custom bootloader below.Enable TrustZoneEnable Dual bankRun time firmware write in the second b...

How to validate an image with security features enabled?

Hi all,In our project we have enabled the ENABLE_IMAGE_STATE_HANDLING flag and download an image via YMODEM transfer to our NUCLEO-L476RG. However, when we try to validate the image by calling SE_APP_ValidateFw(), our STM reboots and does a rollback....

ac_gd by Associate II
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wireless stack did not start and stop in SBSFU

Hi,I am replacing Standalone Loader(Ymodem serial) and porting BLE_OTA in SBSFU as mention in AN5056 section 8.4 How to replace the standalone loader with a BLE OTA loader i am successfully ported and run BLE OTA but as wireless stack not started it ...

asala.19 by Associate III
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