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Resetting an STM32H755 with secure area

I am building a secure bootloader on the STM32H755, but I've bricked a couple of boards now trying to get the secure areas working.I intended to use a "recovery" function on a button press to do a mass erase with protection removal. Then I can test e...

gpeh by Associate II
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Resolved! SBSFU | KMS and X509 support | RAM usage by SE

Hello all,Quick question. Why does Secure Engine (SE) consume so much RAM for projects supporting KMS and X509? In sample projects, by default it's around 120 [kB] of RAM assigned for SE. For purely "building" purposes we decreased it down to 36 [kB]...

Firmware MPU configuration and SBSFU FPU exceptions

It seems to be a recurring challenge in the community posts of getting firmware MPU configuration to work with SBSFU. We also had the problem of application firmware hanging when running it with SBSFU. A solution of clearing floating point unit flags...

sute by Associate III
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File not correctly received - SBSFU

I am trying to follow the getting started guide (UM2262) for the SBSFU using our own hardware.  I have got as far getting to the main "secure boot and secure firmware update" screen in Tera Term, however when trying to send the .sfb file, I get the f...

Issue with SBSFU integration with custom user application

 Hi,I am trying to integrate custom user application with SBSFU bootloader for p-nucleo-WB55 and I was wondering in case anyone saw the following issue.When I try to use the Secure Engine functions for validation in my user application, the program g...

kaur by Associate III
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