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How to validate an image with security features enabled?

Hi all,In our project we have enabled the ENABLE_IMAGE_STATE_HANDLING flag and download an image via YMODEM transfer to our NUCLEO-L476RG. However, when we try to validate the image by calling SE_APP_ValidateFw(), our STM reboots and does a rollback....

ac_gd by Associate II
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Resolved! How to include Crypto Library in System workbench project?

I have Downloaded STM32CubeExpansion_Crypto_V3.1.0 library. I am trying to use it for STM32L431RBTx Microcontroller. But I am getting error as shown in following images.What am I missing to do?Please help. Building target: _V0.1.elf" @"objects.list" ...

0690X000006CvjkQAC.bmp 0690X000006CvcPQAS.bmp 0690X000006CvcUQAS.bmp
RP by Associate II
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About read-out protection, write protection

Hi all,I'm working in a project (with STM32L462) in which we're building our own bootloader to perform secure boot and firmware upgrade. There are some issues we're still struggling with, regarding protection of our code (and data). Hopefully someon...

Quang Ha by Associate
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How to calc CRC16 for Modbus?

My controller is STM32L462. I need to compute CRC16 for Modbus application. There is CRC initialization function:void MX_CRC_Init_CRC16(void) { hcrc.Instance = CRC; hcrc.Init.DefaultPolynomialUse = DEFAULT_POLYNOMIAL_DISABLE; hcrc.Init.DefaultI...

sdianoff by Associate II
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Resolved! Are there any working examples using the CRC for MODBUS RTU? I cannot get a reasonable result out if the CRC device on the STM32L443

According to Wikipedia The MODBUS uses the CRC-16-ANSI also known as CRC-16-IBM. ​The normal hexadecimal algebraic polynomial being 8005 and reversed A001Initial value: 65,535.​Example of frame in hexadecimal: 01 04 02 FF FF B8 80(CRC-16-ANSI calcul...

KiptonM by Lead
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STM32L4 readout protection RDP

Using STM32L452CC and STM32CubeProgrammer API v2.12.0 Windows 64-bits.Firstly, I'm setting the readout protection to its middle level (RDP = BB in the programmer) and then program the chip successfully. Then, letting the chip power cycle. Now reading...

IP.2 by Associate II
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