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(Q) AES Burst (over TIMER?) DMA STML0(82) understanding

Hello all, When I had a beautiful STM32U5 in hand the world was still good.But now I have a comprehension question about the STM32L0, I have an 8-bit buffer and now the fastest way to AES decrypt/encrypt this data is via DMA with active burst mode. T...

MLe.2 by Associate
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STM32L series first write to EEPROM fails

I have an STM32L073CZ that I'm having an occasional error with. I'm using the HAL libraries to program EEPROM and a number of our MCUs are seeing errors where they fail to write the first word. After that it'll start working correctly and everything ...

DPast.1 by Associate II
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We use STM32L051C8T6 for mass production.STM32 has been programmed with an hex files. But it was found be locked and we cannot upload new files into them. Who know to unlock the chips?? Urgent!!!

We are right now using this MCU STM32L051C8T6 in a mass production up to 32.000 setsRight now we have met a problem,afer all 32000 pcs have been programmed with an hex file.I was found mcu have been locked and we cannot upload new files into them. 1....

Shullen by Associate
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CRC peripheral can't get correct data

Hi there,I currently use STM32L073 for evaluation and found some issue with CRC module.L073 has a CRC peripheral whose polynomial is programmable. And when I programm the peripheral as below, the checksum returns from the module doesn't match the one...

HarryQiu by Associate II
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