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Resolved! RDP of STM32G0B1xB/xC/xE

Hello .According to the reference manual, the default RDP level is set to level 1. However, after performing a full erase with ST-Link and then writing the hex file, the RDP level was found to be set to 0.I would like to set the RDP level to 1 at the...

aki49 by Associate II
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Resolved! RDP level2 isn't compatible with WRP

Hello,please I need a confirmation about RDP level2 and WRP combination on stm32g031 chip.Based on RM0444.Rev5 Table 19, if I use my own bootloader and I write-protect the flash sectors, I have to avoid activating RDP level2 or I'll loose the opportu...

S-.1 by Associate II
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Unable to set STM32U5 RDP password via USB interface

Hi,The STM32U5 has a password feature to restrict RDP regression from level 1 to level 0. However it seems that STM32CubeProgrammer CLI is unable to activate this via the USB interface of the built-in bootloader. If I do it via STLink then it works f...

AHugh.2 by Associate II
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STM32F103xx Option bytes getting corrupted

Hello, I am using STM32F103c6 cortex-m3. I am using 100 micro controllers in various boards. In some around 10 micro controllers, I have seen a issue of option bytes getting corrupted. Even though I am writing 0xA5 to RDP to remove read protection wh...

STM32H743 RDP Level 1

Hii dont fully get what is possible under RDP Level1 on STM32H743. I have a application which loads credentials into SRAM2. AN5156 writes that debug accesses to SRAM2 are forbidden. As it seems i can still read SRAM2 via STM32CubeProgrammer but the d...

bgi95 by Associate
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Resolved! Can't activate readout protection using option bytes

HiI try to activate readout protection using jlink/jflash.The read out protection is level 0 (0xaa on last bytes of option byte currently 0xDFFFE1AA), I want to set level 1, using 0x00 value instead of AA.After flashing my binary, lock and optlock pr...

GBout1 by Associate
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Flash bricked after RDP changes on several STM32G0

Currently developing a product to update the firmware of a product through SWD, i encounter an issue with the flash of the target (STM32G070RB).After multiple changes in the RPD (from 0->1 & 1->0) the flash of the MCU can't be erased. Some word will ...

rcard by Associate II
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