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Resolved! Can't activate readout protection using option bytes

HiI try to activate readout protection using jlink/jflash.The read out protection is level 0 (0xaa on last bytes of option byte currently 0xDFFFE1AA), I want to set level 1, using 0x00 value instead of AA.After flashing my binary, lock and optlock pr...

GBout1 by Associate
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Flash bricked after RDP changes on several STM32G0

Currently developing a product to update the firmware of a product through SWD, i encounter an issue with the flash of the target (STM32G070RB).After multiple changes in the RPD (from 0->1 & 1->0) the flash of the MCU can't be erased. Some word will ...

rcard by Associate II
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Resolved! Cypher using AES 128 CTR

Hi,Im trying to encryp using AES 128 CTR but i dont get the same result that online calculators.Im using this online calculator: code is the next:uint8_t IVKey[] = {0xDD, 0xF9, 0x11, 0xA6, 0xDD, 0xF9, 0x11, ...

Dosan by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32G0B0CE PIN 2 PIN mcu chip replacement selection

We would need to implement Secureboot & secure FW upgrade feature in one project.I find both STM32G0B0CE and STM32G0B1RET6 not support RNG.But the blow link shows they both support SecurebootX-CUBE-SBSFU - Secure boot & secure firmware update softwar...

Carlos.K by Associate II
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cmox_rsa_pkcs1v15_verify() returns CMOX_RSA_AUTH_FAIL

Working on a project using STM32G071CBT6. Using STM32CubeExpansion_Crypto_V4.0.1 Projects NUCLEO-G071RB Applications RSA PKCS1v1.5_SignVerify RoutinesTrying to sign a 138 byte msg.cmox_rsa_pkcs1v15_verify() returns CMOX_RSA_AUTH_FAILAny suggestions?

YGarg by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32G031F6 CRC calculate problem.

Hi everyone.I am working on SMBus communication and i want to calculate PEC (packet error code) value. PEC value is using CRC-8 checksum with 0x07 polynomial. I want to use CRC peripheral in STM32G031F6 for PEC calculate. Cubemx settings are below.An...

0693W00000LwtMvQAJ.png 0693W00000LwtNeQAJ.png
ABURM by Associate III
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