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STM32U5 TF-M Crypto services - AES GCM DPA-protected

Hi,I am using the X-CUBE-AZURE example with the B-U585I-IOT02A development board equipped with STM32U5 microcontroller.Reading the tfm_mbedcrypto_config.h file of the TF-m it says that AES GCM is available with protection against DPA attaccks but in ...

Domenico by Associate III
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Application hangs when doing a remote update

The details of this project are like this. I have a working product on the F417 that I wish to add Remote update capabilities to.Product is already deployed with SBSFU and updates using Ymodem through the UART work fine.What I am trying to add on now...

Eugene G by Associate II
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Resolved! Cannot debug the AWS demo on B-L475E-IOT01A1

Dear all,For an IoT project I would like to run the demo of the AWS package provided by ST but for some reason I could not manage to debug the demo project.To do so I have downloaded the X-CUBE-AWS_v2.0.0 package and used the following ressources : S...

VSpad.1 by Associate II
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I am learning about X-CUBE-AWS examples, when update from OTA, I get a SIGNATURE CHECK FAILED exception, somebody can help me to resolve this problem?

I download X-CUBE-AWS 1.4.0 to compile and install on my STM32F769IDISCOVERY board, everything running ok, but when I configure it to update new app version from OTA, after reboot is shows:= [SBOOT] SECURE ENGINE INITIALIZATION SUCCESSFUL= [SBOOT] ST...

saico by Associate II
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Resolved! APPLI_region_RAM overflow!

Hi... there Hope all are doing well From past few days I'm playing with SBSFU with STM32 L4 Cell-01 Discovery board I'm using x-cube AWS default application with default settings of the linker fileIn demo code, I've added SDMMC with FAT fs, which is ...

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