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STM32F103xx Option bytes getting corrupted

Hello, I am using STM32F103c6 cortex-m3. I am using 100 micro controllers in various boards. In some around 10 micro controllers, I have seen a issue of option bytes getting corrupted. Even though I am writing 0xA5 to RDP to remove read protection wh...

Resolved! secure firmware update using USART

Hi everyone,I'm working in a Medical devices company and we use currently plenty of STM32s (F0,F1,F4, maybe soon H7). Until now, we didn't bother that much the cybersecurity topic for the firmwares but now the norms are forcing us :D.I checked a bit ...

TKopp.67 by Associate II
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I am trying to use the cryptographic library on a STM32F103, but I cannot find any documentation that is in line with the library and functions.In UM1924 rev.8 we still speak of version 3, but I cannot find the mnual consideration of rev. 4.0.1 (ther...

ABatt.1 by Senior
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STM32F103 read out protection

Hello all,I have developed a code for stm32f103, which works fine.During code execution, some device configuration data is Read & written into flash (works fine).But when i enable read out protection, the code doesn't work.My understanding is that wh...

sanju by Senior
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Resolved! Firmware doesn't work when Read Out Protection is enabled.

I programmed stm32F103RCT6 firmware using STM32CubeIDE.When Read Out Protection (RDP) is disabled, the firmware works well.But RDP is enabled, the firmware doesn't work.My firmware is transmitting data by UART.when RDP is disabled, Firmware sends dat...

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HJung.2 by Associate II
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