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Resolved! Key Generation and Secure Key Storage on STM32WL55

We are working on developing a host-module that requires two-way device authenticationThe controller we are planning to use is the STM32WL55 Series.We have the following Queries.1) Does STM32WL55 has a functionality to locally generate a certificate ...

nomancy by Associate
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Resolved! Where's the CRC and the size of the whole firmware application stored whenever a new application is flashed on to the System flash?

Does the controller perform a CRC confirmation check before running the application to check if the firmware is corrupted? If so, where does this happen; in the bootloader or the application itself? What does it do if the CRC turns out to be wrong? S...

Shivam by Associate II
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Resolved! Inconsistency between STM32H7 AES HAL and Reference Manual

HelloI'm starting to implement AES-GCM on STM32H753 (rev V).I've found an inconsistency between the HAL and the Ref Manual.The STMicro HAL for AES for STM32H7x3 is setting some bits called NPBLB in CRYP_CR register if the product revision is above re...

Gpeti by Senior II
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