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SPI with DMA and CRC : data corrupted by DMA ?

I'm running SPI with DMA and CRC enable between two stm32, slave is stm32f415 MCU.Sometimes it appears that data received is corrupted whereas CRC check gives no error. For instance (polynomial used is 0x1021)Normal behavior:3 words sent: 0xAAA0; 0x0...

JJim.1 by Associate
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Using MX to locate IVT in RAM

I am using the STM32F746VET6 which was setup with STM32CubeMX project. In the code it creates I see there's a STM32F746VETX_RAM.ld linker file and a #define VECT_TAB_SRAM to locate the IVT in RAM, but I don't see in MX where I specify that I want the...

RBack.1 by Senior
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Resolved! How do I calculate the SPI CRC-16 in C?

How do I calculate the SPI CRC-16 in C? I have an STM32F429 sending me SPI data. These are the SPI settings:How do I implement a CRC-16 check implemented in C (not using STM32)?It is 16-bit data with LSB first. Polynomial X1+X3

MSipo by Senior II
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Resolved! SPI CRCERR flag not turning on with SPI + DMA

I'm struggling to get the SPI CRCERR flag and IRQ to work the way I expect.I am using an STM32WB55. The SPI communication in full duplex is working. The master is adding the CRC to the end of the Tx data. On the slave side, the CRC is read in. I can ...

A_ZA_CH by Associate
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Resolved! SBSFU 1 image example for STM32G474

Hi I want to ask that In SBSFU example for STM32G474 in user app application Firmware update is done using ymodem protocol i.e. UART can we used SPI protocol instead of this is this possible to use SPI or there is any limitation????? Please suggest

p123 by Associate II
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SBSFU - STM32H755 Optimization Problem

I'm working on a project with SBSFU implemented on STM32H755. I'm using slot 1 for CM7 and slot 2 for CM4. I'm using the IAR workbench. Both CM4 and CM7 hex files work just fine in debug mode and everything seems to work with SBSFU implementation. Bu...

YChen.16 by Associate
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Test F7 SPI CRC Generation

Hello,i have a programm which is sending 2bytes + 16bit CRC from SPI2.There are two STM32F765 on my board. The test programm is generated with CubeIDE and only SPI2 initiallyzed.One MCU is calculating the crc correct and the other is not correct.(Che...

Ba5tian by Associate II
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