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STM32L552CCT6 Read Protection Question

I want to apply Read Protection to the STM32L552CCT6 .​If you execute HAL_FLASH_OB_Launch(); after setting Read Protection, reboot does not work.​Read Protection is applied only when the power is physically rebooted.I want Read Protection to be appli...

KJoon.1 by Associate
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Stack Heap Size of STM32G474VE

HiWhat is the maximum Stack and Heap size of a STM32G474VE with the SBSFU Bootloader 2 Image version?In the icf file the settings are at 0x400 and 0x200 which is really low./*-Sizes-*/ define symbol __ICFEDIT_size_cstack__ = 0x400; define symbol __IC...

dominik by Senior
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How do I use STM32G0B1 with SBSFU 2_Images?

Hi,I find the new chip STM32G0B1 from STM32CubeMX.And I want use this chip with SBSFU 2_Images.But I can not find the STM32G0B1 project from the X-CUBE-SBSFU v2.4.0.Is STM32G0B1 compatible with X-CUBE-SBSFU v2.4.0 ?How do I use STM32G0B1 with SBSFU 2...

EEdwa.1 by Associate II
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Can't close Lab projects - File access rights

During the workshop itself, I had some problems with some of the example files not having correct access rights to allow the workshop changes to be made.We worked around that during the workshop.Now I have just come back to the STM32Cube IDE; it star...

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