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(Q) AES Burst (over TIMER?) DMA STML0(82) understanding

Hello all, When I had a beautiful STM32U5 in hand the world was still good.But now I have a comprehension question about the STM32L0, I have an 8-bit buffer and now the fastest way to AES decrypt/encrypt this data is via DMA with active burst mode. T...

MLe.2 by Associate
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How to properly configure STM32U585 to use DMA in secure mode (TZEN = 1) to send data from internal Flash (non secure zone) to Hash (in secure mode)?

Hi,I want to know a properly way do to that.If i use standard configuration I run hard fault as soon as DMA start (linklist mode) (HAL_HASHEx_SHA256_Start_DMA).I put Fault Analyser details Source/Destination secure bit are set before calling this fu...

Aurelien1 by Associate III
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SPI with DMA and CRC : data corrupted by DMA ?

I'm running SPI with DMA and CRC enable between two stm32, slave is stm32f415 MCU.Sometimes it appears that data received is corrupted whereas CRC check gives no error. For instance (polynomial used is 0x1021)Normal behavior:3 words sent: 0xAAA0; 0x0...

JJim.1 by Associate
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Resolved! SPI CRCERR flag not turning on with SPI + DMA

I'm struggling to get the SPI CRCERR flag and IRQ to work the way I expect.I am using an STM32WB55. The SPI communication in full duplex is working. The master is adding the CRC to the end of the Tx data. On the slave side, the CRC is read in. I can ...

A_ZA_CH by Associate
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Resolved! Cannot Set DMA to Secure (CCRx SECM)

I'm attempting to configure peripherals in STM32CubeMX, but I'm getting error_handler calls from my DMA configuration for ADC1.All the necessary peripherals (DMA1 channel1, ADC1) are configured as secure in CubeMX, but when HAL_ADC_MspInit attempts t...

MBand.3 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32L08x RNG and DMA not accessible

RNG, CRC, and DMA are all peripherals on the STM32L08x AHB bus. If I try to write to CRC_INIT before enabling CRC clock in RCC then STM32-WorkBench Memory window correctly just shows zeroes. But after enabling CRC clock in RCC_AHBENR and writing to C...

MWebj by Associate III
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Resolved! SPI DMA CRC transmit

hi,my type is stm32f031, i try to debug ' spi + dma + crc' mode. i have no idea about transmit crc .i just enable crc_en, and set the bit crc_next every sending 8bit logic analyzer occured the only 8 bit datas, it not contains the the crc va...

Jseyn.1 by Associate III
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