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Resolved! CRC-16-IBM using HAL APIs

Hi community, I am working on CRC generation with polynomial 0x8005 and initial value 0x0000, so I configured it as belowI am using the data as shown below and the CRC should be 0x43B8 but the value got from the API is different. So I am missing some...


RTOS on TrustZone MCU STM32U5

Hello Support Team.Good Day.We have chosen the STM32U585ZIT6Q (-40C to 85C, LQFP -144 pins, with trust zone core) controller for our product.According to the firmware architecture, we intend to create two separate partitions, one for safety-critical ...


Using MX to locate IVT in RAM

I am using the STM32F746VET6 which was setup with STM32CubeMX project. In the code it creates I see there's a STM32F746VETX_RAM.ld linker file and a #define VECT_TAB_SRAM to locate the IVT in RAM, but I don't see in MX where I specify that I want the...

RBack.1 by Senior
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AES encryption not working

Dear Team,I want use inbuild AES encryption engine to encrypt the data, therefore I used CubeMX to initialize the AES engine, when i'm going to encrypt the payload, it stuck in static HAL_StatusTypeDef CRYP_WaitOnOFNEFlag(CRYP_HandleTypeDef *hcryp,...

vchau.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! How to import "CryptoAuthLib" to existing project?

I am currently working on a STM32F767ZI-Nucleo board and a little security chip (microchip atecc508a), that is connected via i2c connection. For this chip is a library available CryptoAuthLib (, that I w...

Resolved! X-Cube-SbSfu

I have decided to try out the X-Cube-SbSfu, i have downloaded the SW from the ST website,according to the documents available this is an expansion pack that can be added to the this correct?where can I find information about the process tha...

YuriCh by Associate II
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Hex2bin CRC and HAL STM32 CRC are not the same

HiI tried to generate hex2bin crc32 and then crc32 on stm32 (on words, the rest CubeMX configurations were set to default) , but they are not the same. On hex2bin i can configure big or little endianness, but the result doesn't change and i don't kno...

ELitv.2 by Associate II
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