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Resolved! Updating the uROT signature remotely in a production device

Here is my attempt at background as I understand it... iROT is a ROM program in the STM32H563. It contains a P256 EC algorithm, and checks some section of FLASH that you define as a program for a signature, then jumps to it. The definition of the pro...

MBC by Associate III
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Resolved! Secure Manager in DFU Mode

Hello, Actually am using STM32H5 board am able to load the secure manager using ST-Link Debugger but i would like to load the secure manager using usb dfu mode, is there any possiblity to load it.

Hitesh by Associate III
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Resolved! H753 Target not found after security option byte

Hey,I tried to activate the HDP feature / secure software area on H753 following this documentation HDP secure area for STM32H7B3xx microcontrollers - Application note. I did only activate the security option byte not the secure software area itself....

Resolved! Failing to provision Secure Manager

We're trying to provision Secure Manager on our H573ZI-based engineering prototype boards.We've only successfully provision only one out of three and the successful one took several tries.We're using the same provision.bat/provision_auto.bat (from SM...

Resolved! Secure Manager usage of USART1

Does Secure Manager actually use USART1 when it comes up or is the initial serial output from the default app installed when I provision Secure Manager (SM)?This output, I mean================= General Infos ==========================Flash Layout con...