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Resolved! secure firmware update using USART

Hi everyone,I'm working in a Medical devices company and we use currently plenty of STM32s (F0,F1,F4, maybe soon H7). Until now, we didn't bother that much the cybersecurity topic for the firmwares but now the norms are forcing us :D.I checked a bit ...

TKopp.67 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32f030k6 CRC Config error

I want to use CRC on STM32f030k6, but as soon as I enable it, some errors appear and compilation fails.Even when I want to use EEPROM Emulation example for the above micro, again it fails to compile.What is wrong?STM32CubeIDE - Version: 1.10.1STM32Cu...

Mahdi1 by Associate II
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Hello, Is below problem very common for this STM32F072VBH6 MCU? Parts were not blank and have already been programmed we are not able to program parts with our programmersParts bought from online distributor

ENeoh.1 by Associate II
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Using CHCHA20 crypto functions (STM32 CryptoLib 3.1.5)

Hello everyone,I was wondering the proper way to use the STM32_CHACHA_20_Encrypt() and STM32_CHACHA_20_Decrypt() functions available on the ST CryptoLib. I run the standard demo code on a STM32F072C8 MCU and it apparently run correctly, returning PAS...

GCalin by Associate
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Resolved! SPI DMA CRC transmit

hi,my type is stm32f031, i try to debug ' spi + dma + crc' mode. i have no idea about transmit crc .i just enable crc_en, and set the bit crc_next every sending 8bit logic analyzer occured the only 8 bit datas, it not contains the the crc va...

Jseyn.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! How to change option bytes in STM32CubeIDE?

I'm working with an STM32F04, and I'd like to change the option bytes so that my firmware can't be read back out after the device is programmed. I can tell from documentation I need to set the RDP byte to something besides 0xAA or 0xCC, but there isn...

GearHead by Associate II
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How does CRC_Handle_16 work within the HAL library?

Hello,I am currently trying to understand exactly how CRC_Handle_16 function works within the stm32f0xx_hal_crc.c file so I can implement the algorithm in a non-hardware way. The non-hardware implementation I have works fine if there is an even numbe...

DOver.1 by Associate
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