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wireless stack did not start and stop in SBSFU

Hi,I am replacing Standalone Loader(Ymodem serial) and porting BLE_OTA in SBSFU as mention in AN5056 section 8.4 How to replace the standalone loader with a BLE OTA loader i am successfully ported and run BLE OTA but as wireless stack not started it ...

asala.19 by Associate III
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STM32WB55 - Change RDP level without POR

Hi,I am currently trying to change RDP level via firmware without a power reset (POR) on a NUCLEO-WB55RG (STM32WB55). I am facing the problem that after changing the RDP level a power reset is necessary. Without a power reset the device seems to get ...

sstel.1 by Associate II
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Custom loader for SBSFU / STM32WB5MMG - how to run FUS?

I am building a custom loader for SBSFU on the STM32WB5MMG. The loader is similar to the BLE_Ota loader, but instead of using BLE, it loads firmware/wireless stack from an onboard microSD card, as well as being able to write CKS keys.I do need to hav...

crwper by Senior
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Resolved! SBSFU: Issue with 16-byte alignment in linker script?

I've run into an issue with the section of the UserApp linker script which ensures that the binary size is a multiple of 16 bytes:.align16 : { . = . + 1; /* _edata=. is aligned on 8 bytes so could be aligned on 16 bytes: add 1 byte gap */ ...

crwper by Senior
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