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Issues with PDM mono microphone with I2S

Dear all,I have some trouble setting up the correct acquisition of the MEMS microphone over I2S.Consider the STM32F401RE Nucleo board connected to the IMP34DT05 PDM microphone with L/R to GND.Through Mx, the I2S peripheral is configured as follows:Th...

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frnt by Senior
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Class B safety library issues

1) Right after startup CPU check fails on following code:MRS R0, APSR /* Get Status register */ CMP R0, #0xB8000000 /* Verifies that N=C=V=Q=1 */ BNE.W FailSafePOR /* Fails if Q+N+C=V clear */because APSR register have also...

ktrofimo by Senior III
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Resolved! If I want to use UCPD2 in STM32G0B1RCT6, is HSI16 the only choice as the driving clock for this integrated PD controller? May i use HSE?

In my application, UCPD2 will be active for USB type C PD Sink (45W), which will be working together with other peripherals, such as timers, USB(DEVICE), etc. If the driving clock for UCPD2 is HSI16(in datasheet described), if no other choice, that m...

Lmatt.11 by Associate III
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Resolved! What STM32 for MP3 audio reader

HelloI need to develop a specific MP3 audio reader from SD card or USB flash memory.What STM32 microcontroller would you recommend to build such a MP3 audio reader ?What discovery or eval board do exist at a best price ?Thank you to anybody who may g...

BSP_AUDIO_OUT_Play() Buffer Size Parameter

I am programming an SMT32F69I-DISCO board to output a SINE wave. I am having trouble with the Size parameter of the BSP_AUDIO_OUT_Play() function. I have a buffer of 100 that I am filling with my SINE values:int16_t dataI2S[100];Here are my calls of...

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Kneepatch by Associate III
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