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For UCPDx controller, I want to configure a sink for 15V/3A(45W) use STM32G0B1RCT6. What's the meaning of UCPD number for 'GP' version LQFP64 package?

Hello, I find there are a note for 'GP' version LQFP64 package.In blank of UCPD, which has the number "1" .The note is: One port with only one CC Line available(supporting limited number of use cases).Is that mean only one UCPD controller( UCPD1 or U...

Lmatt.11 by Associate III
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Disable VBUS_VS_DISCH pin on STUSB4500

We use the STUSB4500 in our design to negotiate with the Host the correct current. In our design we have no connection on the VBUS_VS_DISCH pin. Because of this issue, the PD-Chip does not start negotiation. Is there any way to disable the VBUS_VS_DI...

FMüll.1 by Associate
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Safety Critical Application

Hi everyone, We are developing safety device which need to go in a fail safe mode in any kind of failure to achieve SIL2 or SIL3 level of safety. And we want achieve UL certification.And we are using STM32G0B1CBTx MCU. And for writing code I am refer...