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STM32F072 CAN LoopBack error on logic analyzer

 Dear reader,I am trying to get the CAN peripheral on my STM32-NUCLEO board working. To start off i wanted to test the loopback mode before I hooked up my transceiver circuit.Heres my init code for the can peripheral generated by CubeMX:Heres my CAN ...

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Oli98 by Associate II
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Unable to set default PHY stm32wb55rg

We're using the stm32wb55rg as the core MCU in a project requiring decently high-frequency BLE notifications to a mobile device (100Hz update rate on the characteristic). In testing this I found that, with default settings, the bluetooth connection w...

Redrield by Associate
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STM32 RNDIS USB device disappear after a while

Hello,I'm opening a new conversation to address another issue(Issue with VCP and RNDIS ). Previously, I successfully implemented RNDIS on an MCU, and I can see the Remote NDIS based Sharing Interface in the device manager. However, after about 20 sec...

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dnj by Associate III
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Resolved! USB RNDIS + USB VCP on STM32L462

Hi, I would like to enable RNDIS + VCP on this MCU. Is there an option to do that?I do not know how to enable only RNDIS for this MCU too (I do not see this on drop down with Class for FS IP).

dnj by Associate III
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STM32H7 Ethernet With FreeRtos and LWIP

Hello,using the STM32H7 Ethernet with FreeRtos and LWIP results in not sent packages as the Optimization is Turned higher than -O0. The lwip Stack ,for example, tries to send UDP Packages. Those packages never leave the STM32 and UDP data packets ar...