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STM32H743ZI CAN BUS Does Not Work

I have two STM32H743ZI NUCLEO Boards and I'm trying to communicate through Can Bus protocol in classic mode. In the H7 example projects, there is not an Can example for STM32H743ZI but I tried to adapt example of STM32H743I-EVAL FDCAN project but I c...

MDIO access network switch

Hello,I hope someone will have an idea for the following:I use marvell switch mv88e6071 with stm32h7.The switch works with MDIO, clause 22.I managed to read switch identifies (0x715) when using phy address 0x18.But the switch expects to read switch i...

ranran by Senior II
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Why LL SPI Receive DMA request generate clocks?

I use a ADS7056 temperature sensor. I want to read the temperature via SPI and DMA.To do this, I have to set the CS low, generate 18 clocks, set the CS high again. Unfortunately I haven't found a configuration that works with the LL drivers yet.To ge...

senge by Associate II
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Problems with DFU bootloader for STM32G431

I want to program my STM32G431-Board with the DFU bootloader. I’ve already set the configuration to get into the boot-mode with the boot0-Pin. And I explicit configure the read out protection (RDPto level 0.Also I can connect the device with the USB ...