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unrecognized usb driver in windows

Hello Im using STM32F407VET6 and im having a problem with the USB driver with the windows, when i plug the usb, the operational system dont recognize the microcontroler and shows me this error: unrecognized usb driver. I already installed the driver ...

TIM macros

My programming level is initial. Breaks with STM32L432KC.I would like to use the dynamic change of the TIMx period as soon as the TIMx Interruption from the previous period. How to practically use the _HAL_TIM_SET_AUTOREOLAD macro to load a new value...

CJaro by Associate
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STM32L496 dual bank boot difficulty

I can't figure out how to get the STM32L496 to boot at all with BFB2 set to 1.Using nBoot0_SW_Cfg=0 and nBoot0=1,With BFB2=0, I can boot successfully from bank 1With BFB2=0, I can copy the contents of bank 1 to bank 2 and swap banks using the FB_MODE...

Resolved! STM32G0x1 USB?****_dec2018&querycriteria=productId=SS1960 :but on


Program Arduino with USB CDC as VirtualCOM

Is there anyway to upload some firmware to the STM32 that makes it act as a "serial passthrough", receiving the serial data from the computer from the virtual COM port, then writing it to a UART, which is connected to pins 0 and 1 on the Mega. The ba...