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Set boot address on stm32f446 nucleo

Hi there!I want so offset the application in the flash at 0x08004000, so that I can use the first sector 0 for individual persistent data. I found out that I have to change the following lines:FLASH (rx)   : ORIGIN = 0x8004000, LENGTH = 496K (Linker ...

NGros by Associate III
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STM32 USB High Speed read SD card only 1 MB/s

Hello!I am using STM32F427VGT with USB3300 as USB high speed device mass storage class. I want to read data from SD card to a PC and I am only able to get transfer speed about 1 MB/s. What is the real maximum read speed that I can get with this hardw...

dzikos by Associate II
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In Application Program to STM32H750 .

hi I am using STM32H750 MCU in my custom board. I want program by using IAP(in application program) . I wrote main boot code size of 19k and (flash size I took 32k from IROM1:0x08000000 - 0x8000) , I programmed to application address is 0x0800800...

srikanth by Associate III
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Hi, I try to communication with two stm32f4 via CAN bus. the first board (which transmit the message) as can1 and the second (which receive the message) as can2. I'm using the new HAL_CAN function.

In polling mode, HAL_CAN_AddTxMessage() returns HAL_OK, but HAL_CAN_GetRxMessage() returns HAL_CAN_ERROR_PARAM. In interrupt mode, the function HAL_CAN_RxFifo0MsgPendingCallback() never has been called (CAN1_RX0_IRQHandler not been called). Also HAL...

AS.5 by Associate II
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Windows Driver/INF files for ECM

Hi there,Windows does not contain a default ECM driver like Linux does. I was wondering if there was any intention providing a Windows driver for the ECM middleware that is in the framework? We have to work with specific Android phones, which do no...

JKaz.1 by Associate III
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