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Resolved! Firmware download for 32F769I-DISCO

I have an unused 32F769I-DISCO board which I think needs firmware programming - it sits with a flashing red LED when power is applied. The only support I can find is for the 32F769NI-DISCO board which is slightly different and the "Getting started" v...

AWood.4 by Associate
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Accessing files via FTP on STM32U5

Hi,We're trying to access files from STM32U5 over FTP - at the moment we're using the b-u585i-iot02a discovery kit alongside AzureRtos/Middleware. Just wondering if there already exists an example code that could assist us in getting a head start. Se...

UKhan.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32 web server how use AJAX calls?

Hi,Can anyone direct me to an example project or code that shows how I can use an AJAX call to access information from an STM32H743 (or similar) web server?I have SSI and CGI running with LWIP but I would like to update the browser without refreshin...

F411RE USART2: Cannot Achieve 3M Baud Rate

I am testing F411RE Nucleo USART speed.Sample code is: STM32Cube_FW_F4_V1.26.0\Projects\STM32F411RE-Nucleo\Examples_LL\USART\USART_Communication_TxRx_DMAAt PC side, I am using Putty as serial receiver.So far, the highest working baud rate is slightly...

HDaji.1 by Senior
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STM32H74xxx USART1 Bootloader default pins

Hi,We are using STM32H747IG microcontroller in our custom board and have connected the USART1 pins PA9 & PA10 to the host processor to update the firmware using UART.The USART1 pins PB14 & PB15 are connected to the LEDs using a NPN transistor and wil...