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STM32 CDC Host with Custom baud rate

I've created a project with STM32F407xxx, and using as USBH_CDC with this MCU. STM is working fine but the problem is, the baud rate can not be edited. It is auto by default. How can I keep it fixed at a certain baud rate such as 9600 or 115200? I tr...

MKDas by Associate II
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Connecting STM32F7 DISCO to WiFi Using ESP8266

Hello everyone,I'm currently facing an issue with migrating an ESP8266 project from EWARM IDE to CUBE IDE for use with the STM32F769I-DISCO board for WiFi connection.When attempting to open the project from the example selector in CUBE MX, I received...

NB1 by Associate
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X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB computed SHA256 hash wrong

Hello,I would like to use the X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB to calculate a SHA256 with a key. My implementation or the example HMAC_SHA2_AuthenticateVerify works in STM32CubeIDE 1.13.1 for an STM32L432KCU microcontroller.Source:

Martin42 by Associate III
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ETH and LwIP memories configurations

Hi there!I already configured LwIP package and make it work on a NUCLEO-H755ZIQ following @Adam BERLINGER gude in the Knowledge base section.Even if the communication is working, some configurations are to me totally cryptic...In particular, I would ...

iTTy_0-1712837348043.png iTTy_1-1712837663959.png
iTTy by Associate III
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usb using in stm32h743zi

when i connected usb connector in stm32h743zi,  that time what function working usb connector and if i remove usb connector then what function going to usb connector ,give me that function i remove usb

SITARAM by Associate III
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