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how to use 'HAL_SPI_TransmitReceive_DMA' for spi

I'm using 'CUBEIDE' / 'STM32F107VC'in deca_spi.c int readfromspi(uint16_t headerLength,const uint8_t *headerBuffer,uint32_t readlength,uint8_t *readBuffer){uint8_t spi_TmpBuffer[BUFFLEN];assert_param(headerLength+readlength < BUFFLEN ); //    decaIrq...

kim_dy by Associate II
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Hello, I am using USB -FS and it seems conflict with UART-1, VBUS pin PA9. I am using STM32H743VIT6 100 PIN, and UART -2 I am using for debugging but it does not work, Why? For the previous UART -1 runs fine for debugging, STMcubeProgrammer i am using

Hello, Every time I am using UART -1 of the same controller and its works fine, but for now I am using USB -FS and for that VBUS pin I am using for the VBUS sensing, Wher, this VBUS Sense pin conflict with the UART-1 which is the PA9 pin of the S...

SRath.3 by Associate
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Resolved! Azure USBX UVC Unconpressed YUY2 format

Hi,I'm running an "Ux_Device video" example on NUCLEO H723ZG", but it doesn't work in Uncompressed mode.My setup is:With stream2.h  like source.Can someone help me with the configuration?... Where can I get information about this?Regards


STM32H723 Hangs on Ethernet... Bug?

Hello!I got a new STM32 Nucleo-H723ZG, now i am testing about many days, but i have a big Problem, is use the new Stm32CubeIDE 1.5.2 with actually Firmware for the MCU.The Problem is, i loaded a new Cube Project with Default Values, for the Board wit...

Sany by Associate III
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Resolved! TIM2_ETR on Nucleo-f439zi

I have a 1Hz square wave signal with a 50 % duty cycle going into a pin on the MCU. The pin on the MCU (PA0) is configured to be TIM2_ETR via the STM MX Cube tool. I am expecting to go into TIM2_IRQHandler() every second, i.e. every positive edge of ...