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STM32U585 unexpected USB_RST

Hi,i have a STM32U585 MB1551C board running with a custom software.I have a tinyusb stack up and running. The device successfully appears as a vcom port on a windows pc.But unfortunately after some time, round about 10-20sec., I get another USB_RST i...

How to apply for a USB PID

Hi.We are developing a product that will use USB on an STM controller. I found several posts stating that ST offers small companies to get a PID under the ST USB Vendor ID.Is this possible - how do we apply and what does it cost?We would like not to ...

EAlbr.1 by Associate
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Resolved! LwIP echoclient RAW example comments

I wish this thread could be a community documentaiton to analyze and understand LwIP RAW echoclient example provided in firmware packages. It would be nice to open new threads for each example.First question regarding this example: in tcp_echoclient_...

JMarq.1 by Associate III
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STM32F723 Problem USB with DMA in VCP Mode

Hello,I'm currently working on a project using the STM32F723 Discovery kit and USB as a Virtual Com Port (VCP) in CDC mode. I'm encountering an issue related to DMA and USB_OTG_HS when using the CubeMX configuration with the "Enable internal IP DMA" ...

CObri.1 by Associate III
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I have stm32f413vht6 board and i want to send data to aws iot using mqtt protocol for internet we want to use mc60 gsm module can it be possible and if possible then provide some example or guide me .

I have learn something from internet they are saying use aws iot sdk for embedded c . let me know in this library how to copy in keil vision my project and how to add certificate details we can add of our aws iot credential into this library. help m...

GMish.2 by Associate
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Resolved! Composite device on stm32f4

Hi! I am trying to implement a composite device (two VCPs) on my stm3f4 board, as I need to transmit data simultaneously to the pc. I see that I have enough endpoints to do so but have no idea where to start from. Do you have any clear examples pleas...

LOnGr.1 by Associate III
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Error when configuring STM32H5 clock tree.

Using STM32CubeMX v6.8.1. Target is STM32H573. Syntax error in "Clock Configuration":Initializing: STM32H573RITx LogicalParser: syntax error detected in expression for RCC original expression: ((VCOInputFreq_Value >1000000|(VCOInputFreq_Value=100000...

koendv by Associate II
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