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Resolved! Issue with Byte pool for ThreadX

Hi, I am having issues with threadX tx_byte_allocate throwing a hard fault exception.  This only happens after some time of byte allocate and release. There are still plenty of available bytes according to the pool. But somehow in _tx_byte_pool_searc...

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Multiple ADC Channels (using registers)

Hello all, I am currently working on a project in which I need to sample 5 ADC channels every 50 ms. As of now, I am trying to use TIM2's TRGO (interrupt triggered every 50 ms) to trigger the conversion of a regular sequence of 5 ADC channels (PA0 - ...

caden013 by Associate II
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I have the P-NUCLEO-LRWAN2 package. The Gateway (NUCLEO-F746ZG with the RisingHF ARDUINO® expansion board (LRWAN_GS_HF1) has a firmware VERSION: 2.1.7, Nov 6 2018. I was wondering if there is an update to the firmware and what the current version of ...

Grey by Associate
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