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Resolved! Stm32H7 programmer

I am looking forward to making a flight controller using STM32H7ZGT6. But I am in confusion that can I use FTDI FT232RL to program the H7 board which is a USB to Serial Converter. Please help me out, Can I use FT232RL.Thanks.

Buttons for sending Can Frame

Hello . I need to send 6 different 8-bit frames via Can to an external device using buttons. I will connect either 6 buttons to the GPIO inputs to stm32f407. 1 frame 8 bit. How to do it. Could someone help me with this?  It's about adding buttons to ...

Siwyzg by Associate
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Resolved! External Powering of Nucleo Boards

Hello, I am not experience enough in electronics to know if this is a dumb question but I'd like to know what the max current of the NUCLEO boards means. Is it the maximum current draw or the limit that is input from the output source? I'm wanting to...

STM32L496ZGT6P doesn't power on

I assembled 2 boards (my design) with STM32L496ZGT6P.I loaded the firmware..OK The first board works fine The second board sometimes doesn't power on. I checked the voltage (VDD).... is correct, but the microprocessor doesn't power on. It's a *** pro...