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FATFS and USB integration

 I am currently working on a project that involves integrating USB functionality for data transfer and data logging on an STM32F407VG micro-controller. Specifically, I want to log data files on an SD card and enable the user to download these logged ...

STM32F407 LWIP TCP Server Rx Stalling

Hello, I'm working on a STM32F407 LwIP acting as a TCP server with a bare winsock based client on Windows 10.The project is derived from CubeMX V1.27.1 with the tcp_echoserver.c module creating and communicating to the client.After a few transfer of ...

Resolved! Differential ADC

If this is not the right section of the forum to ask this question, I kindly ask you to move it to the correct one. Thank you!I need an ADC with differential input but I only have STM32F407 (which doesn't have it). I was thinking of sending the diffe...

luke514 by Senior
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Hello everyone I am using two channels of ADC in the stm32f429 board and collecting some chunks of data for further processing. I want to collect data once the zero crossing is detected currently I'm using zero crossing detection c code is there any ...

STM32H5 FOTA Implementation

Dear All, I have NUCLEO-H563ZI Board and willing to incorporate OTA functionality in this board so that we can update the software remotely. I have internet facility over Ethernet and working on netxduo and threadX stack. Any example or resource to d...

priya22 by Associate
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