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Open bootloader example in STM32H573ID-K

Hi! I want to run the Open bootloader example of H573ID-K board but the example is not working for me. I want to bootload a simple IO toggle example via UART. I changed the flash address to FLASH (rx) : ORIGIN = 0x08008000, LENGTH = 2016Kand  #define...

ZZY by Associate II
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Resolved! Weird behavior of HAL_UARTEx_RxEventCallback()

Hi all,I setup DMA normal mode, on RS485 port where I receive more or less 1 byte per second.Also, I have DMA normal mode on a debug serial port.I want to send back on rs485 the characters I receive on that port.What I observe is that if I add the fo...

Beppe101 by Associate III
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Nucleo H503 : USBx

Hello , Import example code from package en.stm32cubeh5-v1-1-0\STM32Cube_FW_H5_V1.1.0\Projects\NUCLEO-H503RB\Applications\USBX\Ux_Device_CDC_ACMand Run the example using STMcubemx IDE Gives hard fault error when call function ux_dcd_stm32_initialize(...

pooja by Associate II
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