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How forward data from COM PORT to UART

I want to forward all data received at the VCP with USB FS to UART how can i implement this specific in code?I have been searching for long time for this and i have not found any good example of it.Can you please help me?Until now i am doing this lik...

arduo by Senior
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Resolved! Forward Data from VCP to UART

How can i forward data which i received at my COM Port via USB FS to a UART of my Choice?I already send data to UART5 and i measured it with an osci and its workinghar buffer[] = "TEST"; HAL_UART_Transmit(&huart5, buffer, sizeof(buffer), HAL_MAX_DELA...

arduo by Senior
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STM32F769 Discovery Board

I am currently trying to use the DFU mode on the STM32F769 Discovery Board. I have shorted a connection to VCC to pull BOOT0 to 3.3V (From Schematic R19). I have wired up PA11, PA12 and ground (Using USB pins) to the arduino connector on the board...

IAgui by Associate II
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FreeRTOS with HAL

Hello,We are using FreeRTOS  with HAL.FreeRTOS is used with CMSIS OS APIYet, it seems that for correct functionality of FreeRTOS above HAL, additional code modification are still required:CMSIS OS has API mainly for semaphore, threads, but not for HA...

ranran by Senior II
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