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FreeRTOS : Inerrupts

I work with FreeRTOS and I have two interrupts that can be triggered at the same time: An interrupt on a Timer in Input Capture mode (because I'm working with an ultrasound sensor HCSR04) and a UART interrupt (which is the reception of 'a character )...

AGHAZ by Associate II
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pdf library

i have found a library it need much ram and ZI DATA 14k about pdf,so i want to know is there a small libray

CubeMxIDE v1.0.2 for STM32f031x6 ADC usage problem

I am using CubeMxIDE v1.0.2 with STM32f031F6Tring to read internal batt and temperature. But can not successfull.. I found that SMT32F031x6.h library file and corrected the following lines#define ADC_CCR_VREFEN_Pos       (22U)                        ...

istepne by Associate III
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Resolved! IAP_Main cannot receive via ymodem

I am trying IAP using a new sample application for the STM32H753I-EVAL2 board. STM32Cube_FW_H7_V1.5.0/Projects/STM32H743I-EVAL/Applications/IAP/IAP_MainIAP_Main would download IAP_Binary_Template image into flash memory. However, IAP_Main can tran...