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How to Configure x-cube-cellular for lwip?

Hello, I am working on B-U585I-IOT02A board, I have downlaoed the x-cube-cellular expansion pack.It is working with bg-96 cellular modem with USE_SOCKETS_MODEM using freeRTOS.I want to use USE_SOCKETS_LWIP for my B-U585I-IOT02A board how do I configu...

System freezes, stuck in USART interrupt

The MCU is STM32F469, using RTOS: AZURE ThreadX and FatFS. The system is fetching data through 3 UART ports and doing logging (saving data into a file).Logging is setup to run once one hour, about 1000 bytes.UART read and write both use DMA. The syst...

jason_gu by Associate
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Enabling HTTPd breaks the whole project

Hi, I'm playing around with lwIP on my Nucleo-H743ZI and I was able to make ping work, udp/tcp echo and snmp too. But when I enable HTTPd the project doesn't wont do compile I just get a lot of undefined references, I tried to make a new project and ...

abeslic by Associate II
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